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The Educational format is not unsuitable for candidates seeking admissions in establishments or colleges of advanced schooling. You will need to be able to go to Abu Dhabi should you be selected to take part in a Candidate Weekend. Abu Dhabi will protect the expense of this travel and help with the visa approach for all invited or admitted students, nevertheless you must be sure they've a valid passport for travel. Nonetheless, we produce our admissions decisions depending on a thorough examination of credentials and each pupil's application, and we desire one to reapply provided that there has been an important change in your requirements for Abu Dhabi.

Yes, you're permitted submit an application to Abu Dhabi for entrance although you have commenced working toward an undergraduate diploma at another university. Nevertheless, whatever the amount or level of training previously accomplished, all students will enter NYU Abu Dhabi as first year students for a four- year length of review. NYU Abu Dhabi's Office of Fiscal Support will tailor the University's nice financial assistance applications to your specific needs.

We welcome you to present established link between any nationally or internationally recognized standard assessments you've done. They supply a better sense of your english-language proficiency, ielts Courses in Abu Dhabi and of your capability to succeed at NYU Abu Dhabi to us. Yes, the International Baccalaureate Level (predicted consequence accompanied by established verification) will please NYU Abu Dhabi's standard exam requirement.
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